AKASO V50 X Action Camera

V50 X

A Touch of Excellence

New Performance

AKASO V50 X Camera shoots 4K full HDR video at 30FPS and HD video at up to 60FPS; V50 X Action Camera delivers steady video in motion with electronic image stabilization.

Response to Your Touch

V50 X Action Camera embraces a touch screen. All features are accessible at a tap.
4K Ultra HD
Adjustable Angle
Touch Screen
Time Lapse

Sharp Images with 20MP

20 megapixels resolution enables V50 X Action Camera to deliver sharp and crisp photos.

Capture the Wider World

The field of view can be adjusted from 70°, 110°, 140° to 170° for V50 X Action Camera to capture more of a great scene.

Unshakeable Stability

Enhanced Stability: AKASO V50 X Action Camera's stabilization reduces shakiness, ensuring your videos are smooth and steady, even during dynamic activities.

Smooth Motion at 30fps

V50 X Action Camera can shoot 4K videos at 30 frames per second (FPS), making it easier to track fast-moving subjects.

Rugged + Waterproof Camera

Durable by design, V50 X Action Camera is waterproof to 131ft (40m) with a housing.

Go to Your Phone

With the AKASO Go app, you can seamlessly move photos and videos to your phone. Then go ahead and edit, play footage and share.