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AKASO Night Vision Goggles Seemor-200

AKASO Night Vision Goggles Seemor-200

  • AI-ISP Tech Enables Truly Ultra-Low Light Full-Color Night Vision
  • 1640-3280ft Clear Vision
  • Color /Infrared Modes Available
  • 4K Image Quality
  • 2 Replaceable 3200mAh Batteries

Standalone includes 1x Seemor,  2x Battery, 1x Night Vision Goggles CarryingCase, 1x Neck Strap,  1x Charging Cable

This kit includes 1x Seemor,  2x Battery, 1x  Battery Charger, 1x Night Vision Goggles CarryingCase, 1x Neck Strap,  1x Charging Cable

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In the Box
What is the difference between AKASO Seemor and other night vision goggles?
The most unique aspect of AKASO Seemor is the world's first AI-ISP full-color night vision goggles. By combining the mature AI-ISP technology widely used in the automotive industry with 1/1.79” CMOS sensors, Seemor achieves superior color reproduction and a visual range of over 1640ft/500m, surpassing its competitors even in darker environments.
What is the visual range of AKASO Seemor at night?
AKASO Seemor has a visual range of up to 3,280ft / 1,000 meters, surpassing the visual range of other competitors. Seemor allows you to observe human and animal activities up to 1,640ft / 500 meters away and recognize building outlines up to 3,280ft / 1,000 meters away.
Does AKASO Seemor, as a full-color night vision device, have an infrared mode?
Yes, while other products can only achieve full color during the day and black and white at night, Seemor excels by offering both AI full-color and infrared black-and-white modes at night. Seemor's infrared mode has seven adjustable levels, allowing you to easily adapt to various low-light conditions.
Is it possible for me to carry my AKASO Seemor around?
AKASO Seemor weighs less than 500g, making it highly portable and ideal for carrying in a bag or on the go. Furthermore, Seemor features 1/4-inch nuts on the top and bottom, providing users with the flexibility to personalize their device by attaching lanyards, tripods, or helmet straps according to their preferences. This convenient customization ensures easy carrying and effortless use of the device.
Can AKASO Seemor record? How is the quality?
Yes, the Seemor can capture photos and videos, and it also has a built-in microphone that can record audio alongside video. With its large pixel 1/1.79" CMOS, Seemor can capture HD moments with 4K video and 4MP photos, preserving your experience with exceptional clarity and detail.
Is there an App that works with the AKASO Seemor?
Yes, there is an APP, AKASO Aura. Connect Seemor to AKASO Aura for real-time monitoring on your smartphone via WiFi to stay informed and easily transfer photos and videos for instant sharing with friends and family.
How can I get in contact with you?
Contact us via Phone support: 1-888-466-9222 (US) Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00(EST)
Influencer Reviews
Survival Dispatch

"We are pleased to have Survival Dispatch share useful survival hacks and thoughts with his 365k subscribers of the AKASO Seemor."

David Schwartz

"Document every detail with 4K video recording and 4MP photo shooting capabilities. And it's not just about visuals – the built-in microphone ensures that ambient sounds or your thoughts during shooting become part of the story."

Gary Reed Unfrequented World

"Navigate the wild with confidence, day or night, thanks to two observation modes at your fingertips. Enjoy a vivid, true-to-life view of your surroundings in all ambient light with full-color mode, or Seamlessly transition to the infrared black-and-white mode as night takes over."

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